Yüksel Bel Tights
Yüksel Bel Tights

Yüksel Bel Tights

نرخی ئاسایی $22.99
گه‌یاندن هه‌ژمار ده‌كرێ‌ له‌ به‌شی ژمێریاری.

ڕێنوێنی قه‌باره‌
ته‌نها 60 دانه‌ ماوه‌ له‌ كۆگا!

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Leggings pants with high waist, zipper and button closure and pockets at the back

90S Return: This adventure, which started among unregulated patterns, takes us to the 90s with the most vivid form of colors. We were very excited that Spanish leg trousers, leather pieces, shiny fabrics brought to light the feminine and strong woman of the 90s.

Material: 95% Polyester 5% Lycra

له‌وانه‌یه‌ ئه‌مانه‌شت به‌دڵ بێت