High waist Mom Jean
High waist Mom Jean

High waist Mom Jean

نرخی ئاسایی $45.99
گه‌یاندن هه‌ژمار ده‌كرێ‌ له‌ به‌شی ژمێریاری.

ڕێنوێنی قه‌باره‌
ته‌نها 60 دانه‌ ماوه‌ له‌ كۆگا!

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: High waist mom jeans with side pockets and zipper and button closure

Inner Journey: Inner journey collection inspired by astrology; It takes us on an imaginary journey. Denim, with its renewed original face; Inspired by expressive symbols, it offers options that are in harmony with the fixtures of your wardrobe by teaming with printed pieces.

Material: 100% Cotton

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