Denim mix
Denim mix
Denim mix
Denim mix
Denim mix
Denim mix

Denim mix

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The coat, which offers both a tight and sporty look, draws attention with its kumas mix. Emphasizing the body form and providing a strong stance with a wide sleeve cut, you can evaluate the coat in multiple autosections from invitation to office.

  • Denim Mix
  • Regular
  • Shirt Collar Short Width
  • Sleeve
  • Washing Instruction: No washing. Aggregation can not be done. Centrifugal machine cannot be dried. Dry cleaning can be done with all types of solvents except trichloroethylene.
  • Care Instruction: Requires precise use.
  • Ironing Instruction: It cannot be ironed.
  • Drying Instruction: Drying cannot be done in centrifugal machine.
Country of Production Malaysia
Color Black
Category Coat
Kumas Mix 100% POLYESTER
Mannequin Sizes Wearing Size 36 / S Model Size 174 cm Dimensions 83/63/90